Sepia Saturday - A Bridge Reflection

Chain Bridge - circa 1895
Much can be said about the beauty of some bridges. The most beautiful of all has to be the suspension bridge. This is the Chain Bridge in Newburyport, Massachusetts. It has the distinction of being the only suspension bridge in the state. I wrote a post about this bridge entitled "The Strongest Link" which tells a bit more about the history.

There have been many changes to this bridge since the days of horse and buggy. I'm wondering who is in that buggy in the top photo. The chains, which consisted of ten inch links, have been replaced with steel cables. The wooden deck has been replaced with steel. The towers where once made of wood are now also made of steel covered with stone. Instead of two smaller portals there is now only one. The right pier on which the right tower sits, was once separate from the mainland. It is now connected and back-filled.

The reflections are striking in both photos. The top photo was shot at low tide. The bottom photo was shot at high tide over 100 years later almost in the same location.

"Time and tide wait for no man" but a reflection is forever.
Chain Bridge - circa 2005

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