Shadow Continued

The sun angle was just right to get my leg shadows on the upper level of the fort ramparts,
and my torso and head on the lower level.
Shot taken at colonial Fort Sewall, Marblehead, Massachusetts.

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colleen said…
Excellent! At first I thought of falling and then I scrolled more and saw 'standing tall!'
Sylvia K said…
Oh, how fun! And I thought that I had LONG legs! I love the strange and fun things you can do with shadows once you start playing with them! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend! From the weather reports, it looked as though you might be having snow this weekend! Stay warm!

Gemma Wiseman said…
Like an apprentice tall scarecrow! Love the high view!
That is one incredibly LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG shadow!


Shadows creeping through the land,
Shadows dark on every hand—
If they should begin to glow,
You had better run, you know!

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