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Owl Nirvana

How cute is this? So soothing just to watch.

Shadow Stairs

Morning sun casts a shadow of stairs on a railroad over pass embankment. North Street, Salem, Massachusetts For to stare at more shadows click here.

Sepia Saturday - Going Over the Bar

Not much has changed at the "jetties" at the mouth of the Merrimack River. There are still two jetties, the north and south.

These rocks were put in place to constrict the out flow of the river which keeps the channel clear of sand and silt. It does work, but it just pushes the problem further out to sea.

When there is an east wind going against a strong outgoing tide it makes for some very treacherous navigation over the "bar" as they call it. It's some of the trickiest navigation on the east coast US.

While boats still go in and out of the harbor, gone are the days of steam tugboats pulling fishing schooners.

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Soft Sand

The soft powder sand of Revere Beach, Massachusetts makes for great sand castles.

The Thursday Challenge is a thematic collaboration of blogger.
This week's theme is "soft."
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a great  and grateful day aaannd... by all means, don't overeat! :) From: CrazyasaCoolFox

Morphing Kitties!

I think I laughed for a week after I first saw this video. I have played this animators videos hundreds of times. Check out, "I'm a pug ."

Tower of Shadows

This W.P.A. era stone tower in Lynn Woods, Lynn, Massachusetts has fine views of the Boston city skyline. Can you spot the photographer's shadow?

Sepia Saturday - Bridge Over Muddy Waters

This body of water looks like it could be the Mississippi River, right? It's really Lake Champlain. The lake was clouded from the run off from Hurricane Irene in late August 2011. Massive flooding in New York and Vermont caused silt to drain into the normally clear lake.

The bridge is a replacement of the Crown Point Bridge that was condemned suddenly in late 2010. It connected New York and Vermont. The new bridge is scheduled to be opened May of 2012. A temporary car ferry cuts off a 100 mile detour. I'm sure there is a very long wait for that boat!
The water has since cleared in Lake Champlain.

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Mega Court

They finally took down the construction fences at the new Essex County Judicial Center. I took the opportunity to go on the property to get some good close-up photos. It's an amazing four story structure that will open officially next week November 21, 2011. It will house Salem Superior, Salem District, County Juvenile, and Gloucester District courts.

Part modern, part historic, the historic 1st Baptist Church was moved to the site to become the law library. There are all kinds of angles and glass to grab lots of cool shots. Expect more!

Lions in the Library

Two larger than life lions greet you as you ascend the stairs to the upper level reading room at the Boston Public Library. The lions are there in honor the Massachusetts regiments that fought in the Civil War.

This week's Thursday Challenge is "books." Lions in the Library is a stretch but they do lead you to many books upstairs if you dare pass them. To find more lions or books at Thursday Challenge click here.

Just a Walk in the Park

Has this blog been lacking in craziness? Check this thing out. Im going to start featuring a video a week. I have so many favourited videos on YouTube to share. Some are crazy, some are cool, some are adorable.

The Shadow Under the Bridge

The area under the Kernwood Bridge is exposed at low tide for a long way out to the channel. The photo was shot at sunset. Beverly, Massachusetts. Shadow Shot Sunday is a collaboration of bloggers sharing their photos containing shadows. You may find more awesome shadow shots by clicking here.

Sepia Saturday - The Secret Signal

When I was in the 3rd grade, about the age of 8, I was asked by our local church pastor to be an acolyte to serve during church services. The duties basically entailed lighting the candles on the altar before the procession, passing and receiving the collection plates, and assisting during communion. Finally, and this was important, extinguishing the candles and leading the pastor during the final hymn to the rear of the sanctuary where he would give a benediction.
Why was that duty important? Well it had to be finely coordinated between an 8 year old and a church pastor while singing a hymn to have things flow just right. What was needed was a "secret signal."
When Reverend Dougherty trained me (I was his first and only acolyte during his tenure) he told me he would give me a secret signal when to go extinguish the candles and meet him at the small stair case leading from the podium. I would then walk before him during the recessional leading him and the choir out of the s…

Freedom Flowers

Today is Veteran's Day.
To honor and remember all Vets that serve the Armed Forces,
in tribute I chose this simple photo I shot last summer.
I hope it warms your hearts on a chilly November Day.

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Hard History

There are many interpretations to the word "hard" in this photo. You are looking at an original  twelve foot section of the Berlin Wall. It has been kept in it's original state with it's original graffiti protected behind plexiglass. It is displayed at EF Travel U.S. headquarters located at 1 Education St, Cambridge, Massachusetts. I leave it to you to determine what is "hard" or was "hard" in this photo.
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Fluttering Flags

Thirteen flags fly on a brisk autumn day in Salem, Massachusetts

Shadow Pier

Salem Willows pier at sunset. Salem, Massachusetts. As always more shadow shots can be found by clicking here.

Sepia Saturday - The Bridge of Traffic

We're crazy about bridges!
Isn't every bridge a bottleneck at one point or another? This bridge was always trouble. It was notorious for its traffic backups in both Beverly and Salem. If you needed to get to either downtown area during midday you could expect an hour of stop and go traffic. During the summer the bridge had to be opened several times a day to allow boat traffic access to the sea.

It was a rather frightening bridge to cross. As you can see it was wooden decked and held up by rotting wooden pilings. Trucks and buses were prohibited from this bridge.

The lower photo shows the new Veteran's Bridge which was designed as a "flyover." On the far right is the pier from the original Essex Bridge. In both photos you can see the train bridge still in use by the MBTA.

There are no traffic backups. No bottle necks. No longer will traffic have to stop and wait out the boat traffic. No longer will there be a fear of the bridge under your car crumbling into the …

Colorful Cord

Cobra Knot Bracelets
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Sleepy Dad

If this post looks familiar, it was posted just a few months ago for Sepia Saturday.

What amazing information can be gleaned from a newspaper in a photo. This photo, which I scanned from thousands of old slides my mother had stored, is of my father. I knew that the date was early 60's from the label on the box.
With my editing software I was able to zoom into one of the headlines in the photo. I could make out, "U.N. Rejects Cuba's ???????? Charges." I typed into Google that exact phrase and up came this website which pretty much summarizes the news of that day.
The UN had just rejected Cuba's accusation that the US was planning an invasion. The date was November 2, 1960. The article speaks of Castro, President Eisenhower, Vice President Nixon and a Senator John F. Kennedy. Also, there is some political rumbling over an upcoming election in six days.
Dad always bought two papers on his way home from work, the Boston Globe and the local Newburyport Daily News. Afte…

Framed Fountain