Sepia Saturday - The Bridge of Traffic

We're crazy about bridges!
Isn't every bridge a bottleneck at one point or another? This bridge was always trouble. It was notorious for its traffic backups in both Beverly and Salem. If you needed to get to either downtown area during midday you could expect an hour of stop and go traffic. During the summer the bridge had to be opened several times a day to allow boat traffic access to the sea.

It was a rather frightening bridge to cross. As you can see it was wooden decked and held up by rotting wooden pilings. Trucks and buses were prohibited from this bridge.

The lower photo shows the new Veteran's Bridge which was designed as a "flyover." On the far right is the pier from the original Essex Bridge. In both photos you can see the train bridge still in use by the MBTA.

There are no traffic backups. No bottle necks. No longer will traffic have to stop and wait out the boat traffic. No longer will there be a fear of the bridge under your car crumbling into the sea.

Photo and editing: CrazyasaCoolFox
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