Sepia Saturday - Going Over the Bar

Not much has changed at the "jetties" at the mouth of the Merrimack River. There are still two jetties, the north and south.

These rocks were put in place to constrict the out flow of the river which keeps the channel clear of sand and silt. It does work, but it just pushes the problem further out to sea.

When there is an east wind going against a strong outgoing tide it makes for some very treacherous navigation over the "bar" as they call it. It's some of the trickiest navigation on the east coast US.

While boats still go in and out of the harbor, gone are the days of steam tugboats pulling fishing schooners.
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Photo: CrazyasaCoolFox
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Alan Burnett said…
How interesting - it is a kind of human sculpting of the landscape. Not only does it seem to keep the immediate river entrance free but it also seems to create some nice sandy beaches. I take your point however about the problem being pushed out to sea.
Bob Scotney said…
I believe there are places in the UK where the building of breakwaters like this have denuded neighbouring beaches and built others where one hasn't existed before. We interfere with nature often at our peril. Interesting post, Doug.
Liz Stratton said…
The use (abuse?) of jetties is a real problem. On first viewing, I had a totally wrong impression of the scale of these jetties. The fishermen in the last photo and walkers on the jetty in the second alerted me to my mistake. Those are some really big rocks!

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