Sepia Saturday - An Angel Get it's Wings

How heart warming is this, that classic final scene from  "It's a Wonderful Life?" George is home, surrounded by his loving family, singing carols. He has come to the realization that the world without him would be drastically different. He has had the help of an angel to do this.

Suddenly the Christmas tree moves causing a bell ornament to ring. His little girl then says. "look daddy, teacher says when a bell rings an angel gets his wings!" Clarence the angel certainly did get his wings that day. I've embedded the final scene, a Youtube video clip below.

At our house we had two of these same ornaments. One was red and the other blue. My sister and I got to place these bells on our tree. I had to have the red one as it was my favourite colour. This was fine with my sister and blue was her favourite colour.

We also had the angel chimes. It's a candle powered contraption that could make three angels spin and hit chimes with their clappers. They originated in Sweden.

Photo: CrazyasaCoolFox
Each Christmas we would assemble this bright brass decoration. The hard part was making sure the angels were facing the right direction to be "flying" forward instead of backward. To hear the "ting" of the little chimes seemed magical to us as we watched the little angels spun around.

The little girl in the colour photo is my niece caught watching the those angels spin. The photo is dated December 1966. My mother was notorious for capturing good photos and this has always been a family favourite. 

Many angels have received their wings from the angel chimes as it's our family tradition to assemble them every year. We still listen to the delicate "ting" of the chimes as another generation watches with wonder.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from CrazyasaCoolfox.

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