Sepia Saturday - THE Cook Book

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This is my sister's cookbook. It was given to her by my mother when she was married in 1967. Some of our storied family cooking I'm sure got it's start here. Most of them modified to suit the taste of our family. 

As you can see it has been well used. The cover is about to fall off and it is tattered and torn here and there. As you leaf through the book there are stains of several ingredients from years gone by.

Every time I speak to my sister about trying to cook a particular dish she goes to this book first. "If it can't be found here it isn't worth eating," she will say a smile. To be fair she does have a collection of cookbooks that she will reference from time to time.

Soon she will be baking many holiday cookies with my little nephews and nieces as she does every Christmas. Those recipes she knows from memory and aren't found in the Betty Crocker cookbook.

Watching her with her grandchildren, baking those special cookies, they have so much fun. Ingredients will be flying everywhere, on the counter, floors, and themselves.

Fond memories of my grandmother and myself doing the exact same thing a half a century ago come flooding back.

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