The Shoe

I noticed some shoes in this week's Sepia Saturday theme but I don't have any shoe photos to show you. OR do I?
USMC, beverly, massachusetts

What you are looking at is the former United Shoe Machinery Factory ir as it was affectionately called. "the shoe." This massive concrete complex is located in Beverly, Massachusetts. However they didn't produce shoes here but they made the machinery that produced shoes in other factories throughout the world. Most everyone in Beverly worked at "the shoe."

cummings center, beverly
Photo: CrazyasaCoolFox
To say "the Shoe" is massive is an under statement. It's gargantuan. It's still the largest concrete structure in the country  It's Nuclear Fallout Shelter in the basement had a capacity of 7000. It had it's own power plant and railroad sidings and railroad station. It even had it's own 18 hole golf course.

"The Shoe," is now called the Cummings Center. It's been converted into hundreds of offices from medical, to businesses, to restaurants. It is said there are so many businesses here they could fill a 60 story building.


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