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Facial Expressions 101

He says more with his face than with his words. What a talent.

Shadow Window Within a Window


Sepia Saturday - Dr. Suess Explains Bridges

New bridges, Old Bridges
Train bridges, Car bridges
High Bridges, Low Bridges
Green bridges, Black bridges

Oh! Which bridge is which?

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This is our 800th post!

New Court

Thursday Challenge is a thematic collaboration of bloggers. This week's theme is "new." This is the new court complex combining several courts from around Essex County in Salem, Massachusetts.

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Dog Birthday

This is one patient and ever loving dog. Worth watching over on Youtube if you can't watch it here.

Shadow Bewitched

A bit of television history with the statue of Elizabeth Montgomery from the sitcom "Bewitched." An episode was shot here in Salem, Massachusetts. As many of you know, Salem has a long history with witches.
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Sepia Saturday - The Fall of the Falls

I found this old post card among my grandmother's belongings in an old desk she had given me. It's captioned as Pokiok Falls, New Brunswick, Canada. I was curious as to why she had saved this card all these years. I had my suspicions as to why it was there because my grandfather was originally from New Brunswick. It was never used and is in fine condition.

Pokiok Falls is a former waterfall in Pokiok, New Brunswick where the Pokiok Stream emptied over a ledge into the Saint John River. I was shocked to find it was a former waterfall.

The high water level of the new Mactaquac Dam reservoir, used for power generation, submerged the waterfall and the Pokiok Gorge in 1967. The entire village of Pokiok was to be flooded, homes had to be destroyed or moved. Most residents chose to move up the road to higher ground instead of across the river to Nackawic.
All that remains now is an inlet from the Mactquac head pond. The Google street view photo below shows that inlet to the right of…

VW Super Bowl Ad Teaser

Look how musical dogs can be!

Toy Boat

This of course isn't a toy, but for me, when I was little, I had many toy boats in the tub to play with.  Can you say "toy boat" 10 times real fast?

Thursday Challenge  is a weekly thematic collaboration of bloggers.
Each week a them is selected. This week's theme is "toy."
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Dog Talk

I've been throwing lots of cat videos at you lately. Let's give the dogs some equal time shall we?

Shadow and Brick

A Derby Square, Salem, Massachusetts building shows shadows
and provides reflections during a late afternoon winter day.

Sepia Saturday - Tonsils and Adenoids

Being from Salisbury I should know where this was located but it was gone by the time I came into the world. I suspect it was near the mouth of the Merrimack River on property that is now a state reservation. There was an identical Coast Guard station a few miles south on Plum Island that I remember but that is gone now too. 
There also was a Coast Guard station across the river at the mouth of the Merrimack. It had a separate tower as seen here but not a tower on the main building. That is gone now too! The Coast Guard retreated up river to a new facility after their's was knocked down in a horrible blizzard.
But all is well with Alice's family vacationing at Salisbury Beach, as Paul had his tonsils and adenoids out, again! The word Cushing, on the postmark, was another name for Salisbury Beach.

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I remember eating lots of ice cream when I had my tonsils and adenoids out. :)

Best of the Year II

Power and Light
I was trying to get a good shot of the surrounding harbor while standing on the footing of a power transmission tower. Looking straight up this is what I saw.

Thursday Challenge is a weekly thematic collaboration of bloggers. This week's challenge is "the best photo of 2011." This is our second post on this theme. My first "best" photo post can be found by clicking here. To find more "Best of 2011's" at Thursday Challenge click here.

David and Goliath

That moose just can't get rid of that pest. lol

Armory Shadows

There's more shadow than light here under the porch of the Salem Armory, Salem, Massachusetts Be sure to check out other fine Shadow Shots by clicking here!

Sepia Saturday - Doe a Deer

When I first saw Alan's prompt I looked quickly and I immediately thought, "why is this week's Sepia Saturday theme a photo of Kat Mortensen plucking a chicken?" Well I'm famous for thinking first and reading later. That's gotten me in trouble over the years.

The only postcard in my collection I have that's anywhere close to Kat Mortensen plucking a chicken is of some deer in the woods of Maine. It's a beautiful card that was never sent through the postal service in perfect condition. This postcard, interestingly, was published in Canada!

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Best of the Year

This week's Thursday Challenge is to post our best photo of the past year. This is a photo I never had posted. I was looking through my archive and this one stood out among several I had chosen. It's a photo taken in Copley Square, Boston, Massachusetts. It shows the buildings surrounding the square reflected off the John Hancock Tower.
Thursday Challenge is a weekly thematic collaboration of bloggers. My best of the year photos can be found by clicking here.

Cat Battle - III


1st Shadow

Statue of Roger Conant, first settler of Salem, Massachusetts
reflects his shadow across North Washington Square
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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! From: CrazyasaCoolFox
Photo: One of last year's (2011) ice sculptures from Boston's First Night celebration. An Egyptian charioteer theme.