Sepia Saturday - Dr. Suess Explains Bridges

New bridges, Old Bridges
Train bridges, Car bridges
High Bridges, Low Bridges
Green bridges, Black bridges

Oh! Which bridge is which?

Photo and Postcard: CrazyasaCoolFox

On the left is the old Boston and Maine (B&M) rail trestle. It's no longer in use , it's swing span is cabled and welded open. Both the rail bridge and Green bridge's swing spans were controlled from the Green bridge tender's house located high in the center span. There has been talk of expanding MBTA commuter rail to Portsmouth, NH. If the plan goes through it would use this trestle.

On the postcard right, is the Green Bridge named that because it was painted green. It was demolished in 1974 when the new Bossy Gillis Bridge was completed. Some of you might remember I did a post on the Green bridge entitled, "The Bridge of Death." Check it out when you have a chance, it's a funny story.

The butt end of the rail bridge is exposed in the newer photo because the embankment was removed to accommodate the Clipper City Rail Trail.
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