Sepia Saturday - Tonsils and Adenoids

Being from Salisbury I should know where this was located but it was gone by the time I came into the world. I suspect it was near the mouth of the Merrimack River on property that is now a state reservation. There was an identical Coast Guard station a few miles south on Plum Island that I remember but that is gone now too. 

There also was a Coast Guard station across the river at the mouth of the Merrimack. It had a separate tower as seen here but not a tower on the main building. That is gone now too! The Coast Guard retreated up river to a new facility after their's was knocked down in a horrible blizzard.

But all is well with Alice's family vacationing at Salisbury Beach, as Paul had his tonsils and adenoids out, again! The word Cushing, on the postmark, was another name for Salisbury Beach.

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I remember eating lots of ice cream when I had my tonsils and adenoids out. :)
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Wendy said…
Funny little bits of news to lump together on one postcard ~
Christine H. said…
Just last week someone informed me that you can have your tonsils out more than once. If it's not done properly, they can grow back! That was the first I had heard of it, and now here it comes up again. Poor Paul.
Linda said…
i remember eating cake too soon after my tonsils were out, and I had to be rushed back to hospital when I coughed up blood. what can i say, i was a 7-year-old with no control!
From hats via Salisbury to tonsils!
Bob Scotney said…
Well you got to the tonsils via the mouth of the Merrimack - neat intro.
Nancy said…
It looks like it was a beautiful building. I love the roof and the towers. Did the doctor miss the tonsils and adenoids the first time? Probably no details about that, huh?
I remember being told that "lie" about "all the ice cream you can eat" the day before they took my tonsils out. Then I discovered the dirty little secret that after the surgery was that most people didn't want anything to eat because it hurt too much to swallow.
Alan Burnett said…
A moment in time and a moment in place, preserved perfectly.
Unknown said…
The photo resembles a watercolor...I had not heard of repeat growing tonsils..I am glad mine did not do that...

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