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42 Saint Bernards Panting in the Woods

I have 42 questions to ask about this video. I don't even know where to begin. But it's an impressive spectacle.

The Real Patriots Day

Patriot's Day commemorates the revolutionary Battles of Lexington and Concord on April 17th. It is not a federal holiday but rather a state holiday here in Massachusetts and Maine. (Maine was once a district of Massachusetts)

We learned in American history that this was the first conflict of the revolution and that the gunfire was known as "the shot that was heard around the world," a line taken from Ralph Waldo Emerson's poem, "Concord Hymn." It may not have been the first conflict but it certainly it was the first one with multiple and fatal causalities.

But on Sunday, February 26, 1775 another conflict was in progress. By then the colonists where already having "illegal" town meetings and stockpiling weapons and ammunition against the King's orders. On February 7th the military governor of Massachusetts, a General Thomas Gage declared the commonwealth to be in a high state of rebellion.

The people of Salem had acquired several cannon from a …

Beech Tree - Ocean Shadows

Coolidge Reservation. Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts.
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Two Towers Two Rivers

High transmission towers carry power across the confluence of the Danvers and North Rivers in Salem, Massachusetts.
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Trekking Camel

This has to be the most unusual animal ever to top Mount Washington.

Talk about being out of ones element!

Moon Shadows

Chinese "Moon" bed. Peabody Essex Museum. Salem, Massachusetts.

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Sepia Saturday - Theatre by the Sea

This week's theme seems to evolve around acting. But this a building surrounded by a porch with a big pile of sand in front of it, right?

What I love about these old postcards is that one can discover a lot of detail.

Look closely. There is a rather large, well dressed crowd sitting in front of a stage. There is also what looks to be an awning over the crowd shielding them from the hot summer sun. A lady in white stands on the dune overlooking the performance.
On stage an actor or presenter is sitting at what seems to be a desk. Two lanterns protrude from the stage roof supports.
The wrap around porch of the pavilion must have been a cool place to stroll on steamy summer evening. A hammock hangs between two posts. A figure below the stairs on the left might be a worker caught when the camera shot this photo.
What this postcard doesn't show you is the amazing expansive view behind the stage, that of the Atlantic Ocean. How could one be attentive to the stage performance when na…

Wedding Shells

Wedding dress made of shells from the coast of Maine. Peabody Essex Museum - Salem, Massachusetts
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Purr Love

This is pure love

Or is it?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Shadow Fence

The fence of a gazebo provides an evening shadow at the local dog park. For more shadow shots click here.

Sepia Saturday - Of Books and Presidents

Did someone say books? One might find some in this building. It was once a mansion belonging to a prominent local merchant. The building was occupied as a library in 1865.

This postcard was produced in 1915. There is no message on the reverse and the card is unused.

Today this building is just a wing of a much larger library.

One more thing, George Washington slept here. Really! (It wasn't a library then:)
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Cute Uke

Can this kid get any cuter?

Shadow Horse

This abstract steel sculpture of a horse casts its shadow on a wall of the Peabody Essex Museum - Salem, Massachusetts. Other fine shadow shots cam be found here.

Boys and Dogs

Here are two generations of boys with their dogs: Left, your's truly with his boxer Princess. Top right my father with his french bulldog, bottom right your's truly with my grandparent's boxer, Flash.

A Boy and His Dog

I have the perfect match to this week's Sepia Saturday theme. Here are two generations of boys with their dogs: Left, your's truly with his boxer Princess. Top right my father with his french bull dog, bottom right your's truly with my grandparent's boxer, Flash.

Groundhog Just Cant' Get It Right

Once again Mr. Groundhog (of Punxutawney, PA) has incorrectly predicted an extended winter. Are you kidding me Mr. Groundhog? Today it's going to be 60°F.

Seriously groundhog, you are completely incorrect this year. Usually you are incorrect every year, but this year you are completely off your rocker. Even your collegues Nova Scotia's Shubenacadie Sam and Ontario's Wiarton Willie have predicted an early spring. And they are freezing their asses off up there in Canada.
Have fun in your cozy little den while the rest of us are laughing it up sipping Margaritas and getting a tan on the second day of February!

1 Tower

John Hancock Tower Copley Square Boston, Massachusetts Thursday Challenge is a weekly thematic collaboration of bloggers. This week's challenge is "one." You can find many more number one posts at Thursday Challenge by clicking here.

We're Waiting for the Right Predication Mr. Groundhog

Can you imagine an over sized rodent gets his own special holiday. Where else can this happen but in America. It's sickening!

So what makes him so special you might ask? How did he aquire all this publicity? Why did he choose February 2nd to come out of his den? That's the most asinine time of the year for anyone who hibernates to come out into the cold. Anyone that does this has got to be stupid. Damned if I know how he got this popular.

Have you seen the media circus that follows this fat ass? There are more cameras there than that were covering Michael Jackson's funeral. He must have one hell of an image consultant. I sure could use his services.

Mr. Groundhog, if you must be a media hog at least make the right weather prediction. That one is... THIS WINTER IS OVER!

Thanks from the CrazyasaCoolFox staff.