A Boy and His Dog

I have the perfect match to this week's Sepia Saturday theme. Here are two generations of boys with their dogs:
Left, your's truly with his boxer Princess. Top right my father with his french bull dog, bottom right your's truly with my grandparent's boxer, Flash.
Photos and collage: CrazyasaCoolFox


Wendy said…
When I first looked at your father and the French bull dog, I thought it was wearing a coat (well, other than its own natural one), but upon clicking on the photo I see it's your father's knickers. Funny! But my favorite is you and the dog in the fall leaves. Great colors.
Christine H. said…
The one of you is the best. The colors are great and it just radiates joy.
21 Wits said…
Wow, what a cute little boy you were...and your dog is darling! Great doggie post!
Bob Scotney said…
Boxers always seem so friendly but they do slabber a lot. Great photo of you both.
Boys & Dogs: a super combination!
Great pictures, I love boxers, they are such great dogs! And the pictures of your dad in his knickers with his dog is priceless!
Little Nell said…
Nice autumnal colours in the one of you.
Alan Burnett said…
Not just delightful photos, but I love the display.
Postcardy said…
I love the fall photo. Boxers seemed to be quite popular when I was a child, and now they seem to be becoming more popular again.
What a sweet boy you were. My daughter is on her second boxer now, and she loves them. They do have a lot of personality. I enjoyed the other two pictures too.

Hope your week is great,

Kathy M.
What a cutie! You and the dog.
And a great picture of your dad and his dog.
Mike Brubaker said…
A nice trio and perfect for this weekend's theme.
Anonymous said…
Like Wendy, I wondered if the bulldog was wearing a jacket at first. You are the spitting image of your Dad as youngsters :-) Jo

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