Sepia Saturday - Of Books and Presidents

Did someone say books?
One might find some in this building.
Postcard: CrazyasaCoolFox
It was once a mansion belonging to a prominent local merchant.
The building was occupied as a library in 1865.

This postcard was produced in 1915.
There is no message on the reverse and the card is unused.

Today this building is just a wing of a much larger library.

One more thing, George Washington slept here. Really!
(It wasn't a library then:)

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Bob Scotney said…
I understand the USA has number of Presidential Libraries - apart from any political items it would be interesting to know what books the Presidents read.
Wendy said…
It looks like a fine and substantial building. I'm glad to know it still stands as a wing to its modern version.
Unknown said…
Looks like our old library. Standing empty as the county does not know what to do with it. Our new library is absolutely beautiful. Quite different type architecture. Great photo.
Unknown said…
What a wonderful old Library, Imagine the hours one could spend wandering the isles of books and discovering :)
Linda@VS said…
I'd love to know what this building was before it became a library. A hotel or a private home maybe? In fact, I was curious enough that I stopped mid-comment and Googled it. Here's what I found:
Kristin said…
I am sorry to learn that Washington did not sleep there when it was a library.
Postcardy said…
It still looks more like a home than a library in this picture.
Margaret said…
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Aaron Burr, and General Lafayette all stayed in this gorgeous home/now library. Nice to see it preserved! Very interesting post.
Alan Burnett said…
There is a solidity and a seriousness about the building that so many modern libraries don't seem to have. When I was young the library in Halifax was a similar grand old building : you didn't have to be told to be quiet when you were in there, the very walls of the building discouraged it. Now it is a brick and concrete place with little atmosphere.
Christine H. said…
I'm so glad this building is still being used as a wing of the library.What great history.

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