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Sepia Saturday - Going Postal

The theme this week is "work." In this post office there is a lot of work. Receiving, sorting, processing, and delivery of mail are among the long list of labour here. Stamp sales and package mailing are going on in the front lobby. As I recall there was also an Armed Service recruitment office in the basement. It's a busy building even today.
Doesn't it seem odd though that there is a postcard of a post office? It's a rather plain looking unassuming building.  I wonder if this was postal service promotion or simply a postcard company documenting the local buildings.  Postcard message:
Thursday Evening
Dear Lou:
Sent you a letter this A.M. but that I'd follow it up with a card. Alice Williams called on me this forenoon. She is campaigning for Rep. committee. Her mother hasn't been quite as well these past few days. Had a letter from Aunt Martha today. She wondered whether you are safe. They escaped all harm. We've been to Haverhill today. May go to Sa…

Boxer Bath

I'm enthralled with these videos from Oscar the Boxer. Here is his latest.

Tree Shadows

The trees of Salem Willows, Massachusetts seem to grow out of shadows.

Climb the tree to more shadow shots by clicking here.

Sepia Saturday - Promenading on the Promenade

There was a time when folks dressed up formally to simply take a walk in the park. Here we see a rather dapper looking gentleman, a finely dressed woman with her parasol, and two boys with ties! Yes going out was a chore. One had to look their best and stroll where they would be seen with the greatest visibility. This park lines High Street in Newburyport, Massachusetts. High Street is the main drag through town which is lined with mansions of sea captains from the 1800's. There is a pond, a beautiful fountain, and a Bulfinch designed courthouse. This beautiful walkway is sometimes known as a "the promenade," but more commonly known in Newburyport as the Mall. And Mall in this case is pronounced like "pal" which seems to be a colloquialism unique to the Newburyport area. Would you dress up today to go out and take a walk in the park?

The top card is addressed to a Mrs Geo- Houghton, 125 Western Ave- Brattleboro, Vermont. The message states: Dear Friend, I wonder …

Green Stream

"Healing Garden" Patients at Lynn Union Hospital, Lynn, Massachusetts can watch koi swim lazily up this small stream. Thursday Challenge is a weekly thematic collaboration of bloggers. This week's theme is "green." Find more greenery at Thursday Challenge by clicking here.

Bridge Going Up!

A few months ago I posted about a bridge being replaced over Lake Champlain from Vermont to New York. This video is a great time lapse of the raising of the final main span into place. The bridge is now open and back in service. The replacement ferries the you see in the video, going back and forth swiftly, have been discontinued.

Hard Rock Shadows

Coolidge Point Reservation Manchester-bt-the-Sea, Massachusetts For more shadow shots click here.

Sepia Saturday - A Cub Scout Remembers

Before a boy becomes a boy scout he joins the ranks of the "cub scout," a junior version of the Boy Scouts of America. Our cub scout group was "pack" 37. Pack 37 was sponsored by the local Methodist church and the pastor, Reverend Dougherty, was our "pack master."
Reverend Dougherty was a World War II veteran. Every May he would gather all the "dens," together. (A den was a smaller group of cubs that met weekly with a den mother.)  The pastor would speak to us about the importance of the upcoming Memorial Day and instilling in us a feeling of pride of and responsibility to our country. He also would give us lessons in marching which must have been hilarious to watch.
On the Sunday of which our town's Memorial Day celebration always fell, Reverend Dougherty would preach in his Army uniform, decorated in medals, instead of his traditional black robe. All the cubs would process in and sit together with the congregation. After church we would a…

Food Court

Peabody Essex Museum Dining Atrium
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Size 700 Please

If you see this thing coming in your rear view mirror get out of the way because you're about to get the boot. 

They should have a second boot mobile to have a matching pair.

Hillside Shadows

Evening shadows pour over a hillside picnic area at Salem Willows, Massachusetts.
As always, for more shadow shots, click here.

Horse Hair I

This photo shows myself and my friend "Old Blue" in 1979. (I'm the hairy one on the right) At the time I was attending West Virginia Wesleyan College and very far from my New England home. The friends I made there took me in as though I were one of their own family.

One of my fraternity brothers, Benji,  lived off campus at his home in the very rural City of Buckhannon, in Upshur County. His family kept horses and when I visited we would go riding through the many trails behind the ranch. "Old Blue" was my favorite horse and the feeling was mutual.
Every time she saw me approaching she would come galloping across the fields to say "hello" to me. Of course I had an apple for her each time I visited. As I was a novice at horseback riding Benji let me ride "Old Blue" saying she was the gentlest of all their horses. She was exactly that.
But this week's theme is hair. Does this photo meet those standards?

Pink Elephants

I searched the web to find a pink elephant. Apparently people see a lot of them! They are quite the popular item.

The pink elephant in the upper left corner is not far from where I live in Massachusetts.
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Waving Bears

Okay, who taught these guys to wave? I suppose next we will see them out on the hitching a ride. lol

Shadow Rock

Long shadows at sunset darken the rocky coast of Coolidge Reservation. Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts. For more shadow shots click here.

Sepia Saturday - Greased Watermelon Anyone?

Speaking of games, has anyone ever played "greased watermelon" during the heat of the summer?

I saw this old photo of campers posing for a camp photo on the waterfront. It immediately brought back a memory of my camp days when the temperature was so hot that all field activity was suspended and the entire camp spent the afternoon on the water with fun filled games.

When we played greased watermelon we had to push the watermelon toward our goal. It was sort of like soccer in the water with a very slippery and heavy soccer ball. But you could use whatever body part you wanted to move the melon. Basically was mayhem in chest deep water. Once the melon was pushed though a goal the match was over. Camper teams were paired up by age group for fairness.

One summer there was a melon that completely disappeared under the swim dock. We started a rumor that a giant snapping turtle that lived under the docks grabbed it and ate it with one bite. Of course that was just camp myth.

The best…

Animal Marathon

In Aesop's Fables the tortoise passes the hare in a race after the over confident hare takes a long rest. These sculptures were commissioned in honor of the Boston Marathon which ends not far from this location on Copley Square, Boston, Massachusetts. The pair are well polished on top as they are popular places for children and photography. This year's Boston Marathon is held Monday, April 16, 2012

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