Sepia Saturday - Going Postal

The theme this week is "work." In this post office there is a lot of work. Receiving, sorting, processing, and delivery of mail are among the long list of labour here. Stamp sales and package mailing are going on in the front lobby. As I recall there was also an Armed Service recruitment office in the basement. It's a busy building even today.

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Doesn't it seem odd though that there is a postcard of a post office? It's a rather plain looking unassuming building.  I wonder if this was postal service promotion or simply a postcard company documenting the local buildings. 
Postcard message:
Thursday Evening
Dear Lou:
Postcard images: CrazyasaCoolFox
Sent you a letter this A.M. but that I'd follow it up with a card. Alice Williams called on me this forenoon. She is campaigning for Rep. committee. Her mother hasn't been quite as well these past few days. Had a letter from Aunt Martha today. She wondered whether you are safe. They escaped all harm. We've been to Haverhill today. May go to Salem tomorrow if fair. Harold brought some peaches last Thurs. and we canned 14 quarts - cold pack. Write soon. Love Alice.
Addressed to:
Mrs. Lou S. Thompson 61 Myrtle Street, Orange, Massachusetts.
Newburyport Mass, Sep 30, 1938 12:30PM

Alice refers to an Aunt Martha wondering if Lou is safe. This is in reference to the devastating New England Hurricane of September 21,1938. Orange, Massachusetts was in an area of highest wind speed and most damage.

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Alan Burnett said…
First of all it is a wonderful card. And you are right to remind us with postcard collections that they would be non-existent if it wasn't for the work of the various post offices throughout the world. And a clever bit of detective work about that hurricane.
Christine H. said…
Those peaches sure sound good. We don't think of post offices this way anymore, but there were postcards of them because people were proud of these civic monuments.
Postcardy said…
Postcards of post offices were common in the past. I like the way the writer fit in so much on a variety of topics--and that was after writing a letter.
Wendy said…
I always think of postcards as vacation-ware to show where you've been. But since I've been a part of Sepia Saturday, I've been enlightened to a whole world of postcards I never knew about, and now no subject for a postcard surprises me. It's a good thing we have postcards of significant buildings since so many get torn down to make way for an interstate, a parking lot, a mall.
Terri said…
That looks like a stately central post office- nice postcard!
Kristin said…
I wonder if they sold postcards of post offices in the post office so you could buy one, write it and mail it right there.
Queen Bee said…
Wonder if this old post office is still in operation? Nice postcard!
Bob Scotney said…
They would be hard pushed to find attractive post offices in the UK today. A counter in a corner shop would not be so imposing even if its function is just as important.
This card will be good to keep if post offices become history as seems to be happening. I would hate to see that happen. Imagine not seeing the mailman or not running into your friends at the post office.

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