Sepia Saturday - Greased Watermelon Anyone?

Speaking of games, has anyone ever played "greased watermelon" during the heat of the summer?

I saw this old photo of campers posing for a camp photo on the waterfront. It immediately brought back a memory of my camp days when the temperature was so hot that all field activity was suspended and the entire camp spent the afternoon on the water with fun filled games.

When we played greased watermelon we had to push the watermelon toward our goal. It was sort of like soccer in the water with a very slippery and heavy soccer ball. But you could use whatever body part you wanted to move the melon. Basically was mayhem in chest deep water. Once the melon was pushed though a goal the match was over. Camper teams were paired up by age group for fairness.

One summer there was a melon that completely disappeared under the swim dock. We started a rumor that a giant snapping turtle that lived under the docks grabbed it and ate it with one bite. Of course that was just camp myth.

The best part of the greased watermelon games was everyone was a winner, and all the melons used in the competition were carved up and devoured right there on the swim dock. Seed fights ensued...

You might find more greased watermelons at Sepia Saturday.

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