Horse Hair I

This photo shows myself and my friend "Old Blue" in 1979. (I'm the hairy one on the right) At the time I was attending West Virginia Wesleyan College and very far from my New England home. The friends I made there took me in as though I were one of their own family.

One of my fraternity brothers, Benji,  lived off campus at his home in the very rural City of Buckhannon, in Upshur County. His family kept horses and when I visited we would go riding through the many trails behind the ranch. "Old Blue" was my favorite horse and the feeling was mutual.

Photo: CrazyasaCoolFox
Every time she saw me approaching she would come galloping across the fields to say "hello" to me. Of course I had an apple for her each time I visited. As I was a novice at horseback riding Benji let me ride "Old Blue" saying she was the gentlest of all their horses. She was exactly that.

But this week's theme is hair. Does this photo meet those standards?


Kristin said…
I would say that your beard, although not long enough to qualify as a "chin curtain", would qualify you for this weeks theme. The name old blue reminds me of a song by Ian and Sylvia from the late 1960s called 'Old Blue". It was about a dog though, not a horse.
Wendy said…
You both qualify. And as Kristin said, not a chin curtain, but a fine chin-strap. (I'm learning a lot about styles of facial hair this week.)
Jon said…
That's a neat photo and, yes, I think it qualifies in the "hair" catagory.
Bob Scotney said…
I wonder what the horse made of your hair and beard? It must have been the apple that was the attraction.
Postcardy said…
That's a cute picture. Old Blue looks very gentle. That's my kind of horse.
Unknown said…
Mr. Crazy Fox you are right on target. We have horses all around us in our neck of the woods. Nearly every family has them. Our son breeds Tennessee Walkers. Love them.
21 Wits said…
Your horse was so sweet. Yes, your photo certainly does, and it is a fine photo too!
Queen Bee said…
Enjoyed your story about Old Blue. I think your photo definitely qualifies for the Hair Theme.
Anonymous said…
Old Blue looks very gentle, and you both definitely qualify for the hair theme! Jo

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