Sepia Saturday - Promenading on the Promenade

There was a time when folks dressed up formally to simply take a walk in the park. Here we see a rather dapper looking gentleman, a finely dressed woman with her parasol, and two boys with ties! Yes going out was a chore. One had to look their best and stroll where they would be seen with the greatest visibility.
This park lines High Street in Newburyport, Massachusetts. High Street is the main drag through town which is lined with mansions of sea captains from the 1800's.
There is a pond, a beautiful fountain, and a Bulfinch designed courthouse. This beautiful walkway is sometimes known as a "the promenade," but more commonly known in Newburyport as the Mall. And Mall in this case is pronounced like "pal" which seems to be a colloquialism unique to the Newburyport area.
Would you dress up today to go out and take a walk in the park?

The top card is addressed to a Mrs Geo- Houghton, 125 Western Ave- Brattleboro, Vermont.
The message states: Dear Friend, I wonder is you have moved yet. Thank Ruth for the papers as well as yourself. I don't know Ruth's address. It was on the paper but tore (?) I have 174 chickens come down and I will cook. Your friend, A. W.
Postmark: Newburyport, Mass June 1, 1921 2:30 PM.
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