Shadow Rock

Long shadows at sunset darken the rocky coast of Coolidge Reservation.
Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts.
Photo: CrazyasaCoolFox
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Full-On-Forward said…
What a jigsaw of shadows--I love it- and the house in the background!

Kelly said…
I love your shadows in the foreground of this shot. It's a beautiful location!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Beautiful rugged rocks in a gorgeous tone of light enhancing the shadow shapes!
Sylvia K said…
What a gorgeous place and beautiful light and colors! I also love the TALL couple! Wonderful shadow shot for the day! Have a lovely Sunday!

Lea said…
Fantastic photo!
Have a blessed Shadow Shot Sunday!
Lea's Menagerie
Beautiful photo.
The shadows are great bonus to your composition.

Regards and best wishes
Lighthousegal said…
Wow, a beautiful place to be as the sun is setting. The deep blue color of the water against the rocks with the shadowy darkness in the treeline coupled with your long shadows. Amazing shot!
LV said…
Two individuals enjoying the sights and sharing shadows with us.

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