Sepia Saturday - A Bird's Eye View

The theme this week is "flight." In this postcard, from my collection, it takes a flight to shoot this photo. At one time in the history of Salisbury, Massachusetts. US Route 1 was the main road through town. It started at the Merrimack River, went north on Bridge Road, through Salisbury Square, then north again on LaFayette Road to the state line with New Hampshire.

Postcard: CrazyasaCoolFox
What you are looking at is a part of US Route 1 on LaFayette Road as it curves off to the right. The "toll road extension," as it is called, forks off to the left to a part of Interstate 95 that was finished in the 1950's. New Hampshire's portion was completed first and the state collected tolls.

Of course New Hampshire didn't want their portion of Interstate 95 to come to an abrupt end so they funded a "toll road extension" though northern Salisbury to connect to US Route 1. It was a few years later that Massachusetts completed their portion of Interstate 95 to connect to the New Hampshire portion.

Some of my postcards are of the strangest subjects. Who would have thought that a photo of an intersection would be a good selling photo? The caption on the card incorrectly identifies a state route 110 in this photo. State Route 110 is 1 mile south of this location.

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Christine H. said…
You're right, it's an odd subject for a postcard, though often those are my favorites. You wonder why they made it and who bought them and sent them. It must have been important at the time.
Bob Scotney said…
Apart from the odd subject, the appearance of an intersection changes so dramatically over the years so it might have a use to show how the area used to look.
Terri said…
Interesting shot- you never know why some were taken.
Unknown said…
I think Bob has it. Things change and highways in particular have to keep up with the population. I am old enough to remember the interstates first appearance in our state and they are changing every day. I love to browse old pc at the thrift shops.
Alan Burnett said…
There is a whole sub-culture of weird postcard images - yours is a fine example . It would make a smashing theme for Sepia Saturday one week.
Oh, you're like me. I have so many photos of the Pennsylvania Turnpike that belonged to my grandmother. And the roads are always vacant. Empty roads. Empty tunnels. All looks a bit post nuclear.

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