Sepia Saturday - A Bridge of Flowers

I'm using a previous Sepia Saturday post this week. This was posted September of 2011. Not to worry, this bridge did survive and it's gardens are as beautiful as ever. 

As many of you know I'm a fanatic when it comes to bridges. I have so many posts on bridges on this blog they now have their own archive in the sidebar.

When it comes to bridges I like to give them their own little nickname. I've written about the "bridge of death" the  "bridge to freedom," the "poet's bridge," and the the "bridge named for a rock that was named for a king." This bridge is legitimately called the "bridge of flowers."

The Bridge of Flowers began it's life as a trolley bridge and a freight rail bridge between the towns of Shelburne Falls and Buckland, Massachusetts. It has five graceful arches made of concrete. It also carries a water main. After the age of trolleys it was abandoned for while.

It's named the bridge of flowers because local volunteers planted a wonder flower garden on the full length of the bridge in 1929. An old iron support for the electric wire that once powered the trolleys now substitutes as a rose trellis. It's a beautiful place to take a stroll on cool summer evening or a bright brisk fall day.

Over its entirety all the flowers are labeled. As you walk through you can hear the sounds of the Deerfield River flowing below. Sometimes there are lazy ducks swimming nearby to feed. It's usually a very peaceful tranquil place.

However this was not the case in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. Irene dumped up to 10 inches of water in the region. Flooding was rampant throughout Western Massachusetts and neighboring Vermont. The bridge was closed and the flow actually breached the sides. Right now the Bridge of Flowers is closed till it can be inspected to determine it's safe for the public.

Hopefully the Bridge of Flowers survived the floods and will be open for viewing again soon. This is a treasure to the region and a must see bridge!

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21 Wits said…
Oh goodness, that last photo is amazing. I think I remember seeing the first photo of that bridge or one very much like it (without flowers) in one of your posts quite a while back. Very pretty!
Kristin said…
that last photo is amazing! I wish I could see it larger. I'm glad the bridge of flowers made a come back.
Christine H. said…
I should probably go through all of my postcards and pull out all the bridge postcards and send them to you. I like bridges too, but you know so much more about them and have more to say about them.
Bob Scotney said…
I'm another bridge fan so I'm pleased the bridge of flowers made it safely. Our local bridge built in 1400 only has a few hanging baskets on the lamp posts.
Wendy said…
You've reminded me of the bridge in Marietta, Ohio that was once a railroad trestle converted to a pedestrian bridge. There are HUGE pots of flowers spaced along the walkway. It's not as lush as your bridge, but the flowers do enhance the experience of walking over water.
Unknown said…
Crazy Fox, you can post about the Bridge of Flowers as many times as you like. It is enchanting place to me.
DougVernX said…
Thanks everyone for all your nice comments! :)

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