Sepia Saturday - Larger Libraries

I have two library postcards in my collection. Both libraries have undergone massive expansions in the past two decades.
The Waterville Public Library was given to the town in 1905 by the Andrew Carnegie Foundation. They funded hundreds of library projects in America. It's of a very distinct Richardsonian architecture.
The current photo shows the rear of the newest addition. You can still see the spire of the original tower. Although the front facade has not changed it is no longer used as the main entrance.

The Newburyport Public Library was featured on this blog just a few weeks ago. It was once a stately old mansion visited by dignitaries such as Washington, Adams, and LaFayette. When the weight of the collection started to sag the old wooden floors and balconies it became time to expand as shown in the left photo. The expansion was enabled when the former YMCA building the sat to the left of the mansion was destroyed by fire.


Wendy said…
Must've been a LOT of books to cause the floor to sag. Scary thought actually but also a good thing that they had so many books.
Bob Scotney said…
You have reminded me that the main library in Middlesbrough, 10 miles from my home, has a Carnegie connection. Now I shall have to find out what it is.
Postcardy said…
I like the looks of the Waterville library. Most of the Carnegie libraries I have seen look more classical.
Alan Burnett said…
The first building is such a grand building - great architectural style. And, as you will see from some other blogs, it was not just in the USA that the Carnegie Foundation funded libraries.
Terri said…
Interesting history-glad they could expand and save the old place.
Those are interesting buildings. I love the old Carnegie libraries. What a guy he was! So many libraries for his legacy.
Queen Bee said…
What grand old libraries. How interesting that the second one was visited by some of America's Founding Fathers.

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