Sepia Saturday - The Golden Elk

This watercolor postcard shows a wonderful view of the Deerfield River valley in Massachusetts. By the looks of the cars it must be around the 1930's. That's just a guesstimate of mine. Maybe some of you know of these car models. Let me know if you have first hand knowledge of the date of this postcard. But be forewarned, you are dating yourself. :)

This is Massachusetts Route 2 or the "Mohawk Trail." The road was named for the native American indian tribe that lived in the area.

The cool part about coming upon this overlook is there is a statue of a golden elk which seems to be in the middle of no where. It was placed there by the Massachusetts Elks Lodges.(seen in the lower left of the postcard) It is located in the town of Florida, Massachusetts. Interestingly enough, Florida is the coldest and snowiest part of the state.

The Golden Elk still exists today as you can see in the photo to the right of my brother-in-law when we traveled though here in 2008.

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21 Wits said…
What a great post, it brings back the days of some of my relatives belonging to the Elks club in town!
Brett Payne said…
I'd guess the postcard is from the late 1940s or early to mid-1950s. I suppose all elk and caribou statues look very much alike, but this reminds me very much of the Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial which I photographed on the Western Front in October 2007.
Wendy said…
That's pretty cool -- a vintage postcard and modern photo of the same statue. And I love the irony of Florida being the coldest part of the state.
Little Nell said…
What a magnificent beast - the golden elk, not your B-i-L! Like Brett, I immediately thought of Beaumont Hamel, which I have also visited and photographed
That is so neat that it is still there! I posted some 1937 postcards this week that look very much like yours. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Kathy M.
Bob Scotney said…
I've seen moose in Norway but none would match this Golden Elk. Great old postcard.
Postcardy said…
There is a card on eBay with the same picture, but having a white border. That is definitely from 1940 because it has the Curt Teich number stating with 0B-

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