Sepia Saturday - Radiant Restaurant

This postcard has no significant historical value, but it's in my collection for more sentimental reasons. The restaurant/bar/function hall is actually in the middle of no where on a long lonely stretch of Route 16 in Ossipee, New Hampshire. Come to think of it, it is a rather opportune place to take a break from driving, to get out, stretch your legs and get a bite to eat.

Whenever our family would take the long trip to the White Mountains and the North Conway area we would pass by this location.

Only once do I recall we ever stopped in here to eat. We usually brought our own picnic lunches so there was no need to stop for food. 

The area does command a tremendous view of the southern Presidential Range of the White Mountains. They are white because there seems to be snow on them for a longer period of time during the year than the surrounding area. This makes for a beautiful sight when coming over the hill to this area.

As you can see by the tree in the photo the place is much more spectacular during the autumn foliage season. They probably do a brisk business with all the "leaf peepers" flowing through.

Postcards: CrazyasCoolFox
When I chose this card for this post I thought it was going to write a sad story of a place that was long lost to time. I can recall that Sunny Villa was closed because of lack of business for a few years. But when I searched the internet, it's very up-to-date website popped up. The menu looks yummy!

But the sentimental value of this card for me is that "Villa" is my grandmother's first name. Unusual name it is, I know. This was a landmark spot for us on the long car ride north. We as kids always thought this place was named for her. Actually Grammie was a very pleasant person to be with... she had a very "sunny" personality.
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PS. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!


Alan Burnett said…
It's nice to see that a good restaurant has risen from the ashes of a closed business. Such cards speak so much of a specific time in history.
Little Nell said…
How nice to have a ‘sunny grandma’!
Wendy said…
I love how your planned post rewrote itself for a happier ending.
Bob Scotney said…
Looks a great place to stop and admire the views.
I hope that you get the chance to eat there someday. We had a special old place where we liked to go, and it burned down a couple of months ago. Your grandma sounds nice!

Awesome post, and I'm so happy that I have finally figured out how to leave a comment on here.

Kathy M.
Postcardy said…
I have found when researching restaurant postcards that some I would never expect to be even remembered still exist. However, often the only thing I can find is more postcards, no information.
A restaurant named for your grandmother, just imagine! Interesting name your grandmother had too. I loved the next to last line of your post, "find further fabulous fine food footnotes...", can't say that three times fast!

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