Witch Style?

Anyone that's a fan of 1960's American sitcoms knows this woman, and you would have to agree, she had style. This is Elizabeth Montgomery who played "Samantha," a modern day witch on the show "Bewitched."

The statue was commissioned by TV Land Network that carried the show in reruns. The statue was placed here in Salem, Massachusetts as we have a bit of a history with witches, and the show filmed two episodes here.

Elizabeth Montgomery certainly added "style" in her character Samantha.
Photo: CrazyasaCoolFox
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This week's theme was "style."
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Lesley said…
I now have the theme song running in my head.
I always wished had Samantha's magic nose!
Suzy said…
I enjoyed that show. A nice take on the prompt.
Here’s mine
Unknown said…
God Bless her! What a lovely lady she was.

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