Sepia Saturday - Dog Days of Summer White House

Two years ago I wrote a post of the American President Taft choosing the North Shore area of Massachusetts as a summer White House. Recently I learned that about ten years later another lesser known President chose the same area to retreat from the heat of Washington DC.

Calvin Coolidge chose Swampscott, Massachusetts as a vacation spot during his first year in office. He was once Governor of the state so he was familiar with the location only a few miles from Boston, the capital.
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Coolidge stayed at what was then "White Court" on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. The estate name was given as the main house was painted white. It was a rather lengthy stay which lasted from June to August. He could be seen walking his white collie, Prudence Prim. He was also seen going to church in Salem, and going to the summer executive offices set up in nearby Lynn, Massachusetts.

As with many Presidential vacation destinations there is always an intriguing anecdote that accompanies their stay. But, Coolidge was a rather mild mannered President and never really had much to say. In fact his nickname was "Silent Cal." By saying very little he couldn't get into much trouble.

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There is one story that is semi controversial however. This vacation was taken in 1925 at the height of Prohibition - a governmental ban on the sale and manufacturing of alcoholic beverages.

It was rumored that Coolidge, a tea teetotaler himself ordered the Navy to clear the waters around Swampscott of "rum runners." Rum runners were vessels that were used to transport illegal alcohol from ships in international waters to lone stretches of shoreline under the cover of night.

Coolidge, true to his character would neither confirm or deny that rumor.

Today you can find "White Court" is still there and is now the main campus of Marian Court College.
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