Sepia Saturday - A Broken Heart

This is a photo I shot of an ancient grave stone in one of the oldest burial grounds in Salem, Massachusetts. I love how precisely the hearts are carved into this wide gray slate stone. These hearts do catch your eye in many ways.

Buried here are the children of Thomas and Mary Hould. Both lived only 16 months and died in the same month, August, just three years apart, in the 1680's. Both parents, must have suffered in grief at the lose of their infants one after another
Photo: CrazyasaCoolFox
But, if you look closely, you see a large piece of the stone was broken off, lost to time. A third heart can be seen just to the left of Thomas. These parents suffered broken hearts threefold.
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Wendy said…
I have never seen a tombstone like that. It is beautiful and sad.
Bob Scotney said…
I always check out the old gravestones when I visit a churchyard. They tell so many stories. I have seen one heart-shaped before but never one like yours.
Sharon said…
How devastating for the parents. It makes me wonder about the third child. Notice the spelling "dyed"
Little Nell said…
This is so sad, even though infant mortality was extremely high, I don’t suppose they ever got used to their loss.
Queen Bee said…
I've never seen a tombstone like this. It's so sad and a shame that the third child is unknown. If the cemetery has a caretaker or office connected with it, they may have records that would identify this child.
Unknown said…
This is indeed very distinctive. We lost twins and had to bury them ourselves and little temporary markers were put up by the funeral home. That was 52 years ago and in another town. I am sure they are long gone now. Very interesting photo.
21 Wits said…
Certainly a bittersweet photo. Lovely tribute they made!

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