Sepia Saturday - Father's Day Classic

Photo: CrazyasaCoolFox
I treasure this photo of myself with my father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. So I thought I would break it out for Sepia Saturday. Here's wishing all you fathers and people in multi-generational photos a happy Father's Day.


Little Nell said…
A photo to be treasured indeed!
Wendy said…
It's always good to see 4 generations together.
Bob Scotney said…
How many families could show 4 generations together like this? Priceless.
Queen Bee said…
What a wonderful picture and a treasure for your family. Happy Father's Day!
Sharon said…
What a wonderful photo. I also love the decoration of the house in the background.
What a great photo! A treasure indeed!
Wonderful image. You're so lucky to have something like this. I only have a few photos of myself with a couple of my grandparents. We always lived too far away from them.

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