Sepia Saturday - The First Settlers

This postcard keeps record of a stone that was placed in Newbury, Massachusetts to commemorate the spot where passengers first set foot in the "new world." It was then called Newbury Plantation. That name was chosen because most passengers were from Newbury, England.

Most of the early colony names were given to honor the settlers former communities. This is the case in Plymouth, Massachusetts to the south, and Salisbury, Massachusetts, to the north.

When I found this stone it was set exactly in the same place as it was 110 years ago. I was struck by how well kept it was considering how it looks in the postcard view.

The river they had to navigate is a shallow muddy estuary called Parker River. They didn't have navigational charts to show them where the harbors were or how to navigate up river. It was perhaps a hit or miss chance that they chose this particular place to start their new lives.

I couldn't help but think how those settlers first felt after being cooped up on a small ship for five weeks. Imagine how you would feel after taking travelling in a car for just five hours.

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