Shadow Fountain

This is a great fountain to cool off in at the Christian Science Plaza, Boston, Massachusetts.
Photo: CrazyasaCoolFox
For more shadow shots, click here.


Sylvia K said…
What a gorgeous fountain and definitely the very best place to cool off on a hot day! Terrific capture/shadows!! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!

Lighthousegal said…
Nice photo. The fountain and the trees make a very pretty scene as well as a nice place to cool off on a hot day.
Happy Sunday!
Min fotogen said…
Great photo! Looks like a warm place with a lot of colness..:)
EJ said…

I hope you can find time to see my Soft Shadows on the Wall, have a blessed Sunday!
Kelly said…
The cool canopy from the trees just adds to the refreshing nature of this shot.
Leah said…
A very serene and striking shot.
Great job.
I only visited Boston once...on our honeymoon 12 years ago...and only for a day.
Have always wanted to go back. Knowing that we barely scratched the surface of that great city.
Anonymous said…
looks very relaxing and cool, too!

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