A Trip to the Fishin' Hole

Andy Griffith passed away today. As I was llooking for something to honor him with I found this Youtube video where he sings the lines to the show's opening song. I never knew there were words to that melody. All I remember was that distinctive whistle of his.

The show had many wonderful lessons and lots of laughs. I grew up watching it and looked forward to it each week. Andy usually was the brunt of all the shananigans that went on in Mayberry, North Carolina. 

I was lucky enough to visit the town of Mount Airy, NC, in the 1980's, the town that Mayberry is modeled after. Then the place looked as though you would see Andy himself walking down the sidewalk on patrol.

Here's to you Andy... now resting at your ultimate fishin' hole.


Queen Bee said…
Thanks for posting this. I had no idea there were words to this song - what a treat to hear Andy sing them. Not long ago I learned Carroll O'Connor wrote lyrics to the ending song for "All in the Family". He named it "Remembering You". Here's a link if you're interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnWbT66VQno

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