Sepia Saturday - Baby Carriage Mania

Presented before you is a compilation of baby carriage photos I could find in my family archives. 

The first one on the left seems to be the fanciest of carriages. It's a photo of my mother when she lived in Houlton, Maine in 1924. Look the the carriage is made of wicker! the suspension and wheels are very ornate.

The next photo shows my sister in a stroller with yours truly in control. This was a family vacation and the other two children are our cousins. 
Photos: CrazyasaCoolFox
The third photo is of me in that very same stroller. I had quite a set of toys tied right in front of me to keep me occupied.

Finally, the lower right photo is of my father all bundled up in what is perhaps a stroller/sleigh. The photo was dated 1918, Rowley, Massachusetts.

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The wicker pram is really very nice, so I wonder how warm it kept the baby in winter? The strollers were quite solid, and usually kept for the children who followed.Whwn I lived in SWL I had a sleigh for my children with a secure seat and a warm fur.A nice collection of pram memories!
Wendy said…
The hand-me-down stroller is probably a thing of the past now with so many safety issues and product recalls.
21 Wits said…
They sure knew how to make a charming stroller back in the day....!
Dee said…
I've seen comments on my Sepia Saturday stroll through strollers about the lack of safety features on the old strollers and prams.

But these wicker prams are just gorgeous, and the babies inside them are adorable.

Dee at Shakin' the Family Tree
Postcardy said…
I like the way you displayed your photos.
Brett Payne said…
I am surprised by the number of wicker prams in evidence. Great photos, thank you.
Sharon said…
Oh wow. The toys tied to your pusher made me remember a row of pastel coloured rattling bunnies tied across the pram with elastic. It must have been when my sister was a baby as she is 6 years my junior.
Anonymous said…
I guess the wicker prams would have been much lighter than the metal coach-built prams, and they look nicer. Thanks for the reminder of the toys strung across the pram - I'd completely forgotten about that. Great photos :-) Jo
Bob Scotney said…
There seems to be some concerns about the safety of some of the older prams/strollers. However it's only in more recent years that horror stories abound about the modern versions. I only remember the harnesses in my children's prams.
Unknown said…
You are right about the prams made of wicker. The one in my photo is also. I know it was probably the one my grandmother had used for her children. She was very keen about using family things. I still have many of her things to this day. I used a stroller like yours for my children.
Love your pictures! That sled looks really neat, I've never seen one that before.

Kathy M.

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