One Hundred Year Old Sox

We couldn't pass up this theme without mentioning the oldest sport venue in the world that still hosts a professional team. Fenway Park has been the home for the Boston Red Sox for 100 years. It has gone through many transformations through the years especially since the latest owners took over 10 yeas ago.

The Yawkey Way facade remains pretty much the same. Championship banners now proudly hang above the main entrance. The one banner Red Sox nation is most proud of is the 2004 banner earned after an 86 year drought.

Photos: Google Earth

Inside the view is a bit different with sky scrapers in the distance. Upper decks and luxury boxes have been added all around. The color green has been used since 1934 on the fencing and superstructure.


In left field there is the 34 foot tall fence called "the green monster." The monster got it's name because a hit ball caroms off the wall it remains in play. It's tin surface makes for some unusual bounces for the left fielder to run down.

Till 2003 there was nothing but a net atop the monster to catch homerun balls from hitting cars on Landsdowne Street below. The biggest change to the park is probably those seats added in 2003 above the green monster. They are most likely the best seats in the park.

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Alan Burnett said…
Happy birthday indeed. Some great old photographs. I used to live in the shadow of what was claimed to be the oldest football (soccer) stadium in the world, which was in Sheffield.
Wendy said…
I paid a pretty penny to sit in the outfield of Fenway Park, but it was worth it. We were there to see the Sox come out of their slump, the manager ejected, a bunch of homeruns and 1 controversial call, and a woman in our section of the stands get escorted out by Security while everyone sang, "Na-na-na-na-hey-hey-good-bye." Best night ever!
Bob Scotney said…
Old stadia like this must have many sporting tales to tell.
Thanks so much for the tour, I really want to go there in person someday. I only began getting into following baseball a few years back, when the Red Sox finally won the W.S. That is when I got my big crush on Johnny Damon.

Kathy M.
21 Wits said…
Great pictures! I think I favor the horse over the car any day! Except for maybe the mess they leave behind!
Sharon said…
I always enjoy your before and after pictures. This one is no exception.

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