Beaver Attack!

Ever wanted to know what was the mascot of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology?

Well of course, nature's own engineer. It's the beaver. Those little buggers are pretty good at creating dams to raise water levels. Flooding roadways and backyards. Their bungalows are created below water with many layers to protect them from the elements and predators. Busy beavers indeed!
M.I.T. giant beaver

This beaver here looks as though he is the predator sneaking up on the human. 

But alas... he is a model used to lead parades in the early 1900's. On this occasion the beaver was looking for a new campus in Cambridge across the river from it's old cramped campus in Boston. I wonder if he was eyeing the Charles River as a spot for a new dam?

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Brett Payne said…
That's pretty weird, but an excellent contribution to Sepia Saturday.
Wendy said…
That's a pretty good likeness, which is exactly why I'm glad beavers aren't really that big!
Postcardy said…
At first I thought that was an exaggeration postcard with the beaver just enlarged to look big.
Bob Scotney said…
For a moment I thought it was real!
Alan Burnett said…
Thank goodness it is a model : that is some scary creature
Kathe W. said…
Great pic! I have always thought beavers were the most amazing engineers! I read some time ago about how when the ice gets too thick outside their den in the winter they just take a stick out to lower the water level so that they can breathe while cruising under the ice. Clever.

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