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Shadow Corner

Narborne Saltbox House Salem National Maritime Historical Site Salem, Massachusetts

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Shoes and Skates

Boys with shoes seems to be a prompt this week at Sepia Saturday. Here's a photo from my family photo collection of my dad with his best friend during high school exchanging their shoes for hockey skates. As there were few rinks during the depression they are at a local pond probably with number of their other friends ready to slap the puck around.
They don't seem to be to heavily dressed for cold weather. Perhaps this was an early spring day when they ice was still strong with a warm breeze.
My dad gave me hockey equipment when I was little. We didn't have organized teams in the 60's as they do now. Heck we didn't even have indoor rinks. Even our high schools played at outdoor rinks.
I do remember playing pond hockey without being bundled up in winter clothing, on a warm early spring day.

Fancy Fountain

Copley Square Boston, Massachusetts

Emotional Rescue

Emotional Rescue
What a great thing it is to rescue a pet.

Stone Shadows

A stone fence makes some strong shadows during the evening sunset. Obear Park Beverly, Massachusetts For more shadow shots, click here.

Gaol Tyme

This week's Sepia Saturday prompt has two posters about convicts. Well this is my take on that. I have in my collection the old jail in Newburyport, Massachusetts. It's still standing and still has the sharp barbed spikes on the granite walls.
Built in 1823, the old place was discontinued as a jail sometime in the mid 20th century. An infamous local mayor even spent time there running the city from his cell. I can't imagine a more miserable place to be incarcerated as the walls are solid granite blocks with bars in open windows.
Supposedly the oldest known photograph, taken in 1839, two months after the daguerreotype was introduced to the world, is of this jail

The place is now in the hands of a condominium association that converted the property into separate units.
I usually transpose the message here so it's a bit more readable for you all. This is difficult for even me to decipher. The author even admits their penmanship isn't very good. They state at the top,…

Anchor Parking

Anchor Parking Salem, Massachusetts Thursday Challenge is a weekly thematic collaboration of bloggers. This week's theme is "park." To find more parking click here.

Fast Boston

Just what was needed, a picturesque city in timelapse. This is a 5 minute clip of some of the great sights in the city of Boston.

Head Shadow

Baby head sculpture by Antonio Lopez Garcia "Night and Day" Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Massachusetts For more shadow shots click here.

Stacked Storehouse

The only post card in my collection that looks like this week's Sepia Saturday prompt is this one. The building is rather tall and I can image there would have been rooms in this building were one would find items stacked high to the ceiling, just like the prompt.
This is the former Dodge Bros. Shoe Company that sat on Merrimac and Summer Streets in Newburyport, Massachusetts. They specialized in fine womens shoes here. It burned to the ground to be replaced by a now defunct gas station as seen in Google Street View below.
In the message below, "Maude" speaks of attending lawn parties. Perhaps she wore her finest Dodge Bros. shoes there?
Postmark: Providence (RI) June 14, 1912 11:30 AM, Edgewood Station
Dear Jeanette, Glad you let me know about the lawn party. Will be out if it don't rain, will see you there. I cannot get out very early. I had a great thing happen to me to-night. Will tell you all about it when I see you. Tell Elizabeth that Nora Gilligan has been ve…

Attractive Anchorage

Entrance to Marblehead Harbor Marblehead, Massachusetts Thursday Challenge is a weekly thematic collaboration of bloggers.
This week's theme is "attractive."
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When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Crazier...


What's next? A surfing elephant?

Copley in Shadow

Copley Square, Boston, Massachusetts For more shadow shots click here.

Nothing Could Be Finer

How delightful it must have been to stroll the promanade in front of the massive Cushing House Hotel on Salisbury Beach showing off your latest fine summer hat.
The Cushing House is gone now, burned to the ground even before this author's birth. I never saw it and I'm ancient!. It was replaced by a roller coaster and Dodgem cars. Even those are gone now, replaced by condos.
There is now a replica of the old bandstand on the center promanade.
I found it interesting that the flags had to be painted in as the camara's shutter speed must have been to slow for the photo.
Salisbury Beach has always been a destination resort respite for the mill towns upstream on the Merrimack River. This card was sent up river to Methuen which is about 20 miles from this location.
Why was the penny stamp licked and placed on the card's front side? That mystery might go unsolved, but the card did make it to it's destination's post office of Lawrence just next to Methuen.
The author s…

Sunset Serenity

There's something about a sunset that fills me with wonder. Maybe it's the reflection on the day just passed or what  it is that tomorrow will bring. What ever it is, this is the most tranquil part of my day which I  earnestly seek. Thursday Challenge is a weekly thematic collaboration of bloggers.
This week's theme is "wonderful."
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Super Dog

Can your dog do this?

Flag Shadow

Shadow of the Flag Fort Sewall Marblehead, Massachusetts For more shadowshots click here.

Telling Time

Last week I featured an authentic New England white clapboard church in my Sepia Saturday post. This week I have another one a bit closer to home. In fact I attended this church as a child.

This is the East Parish United Methodist Church in Salisbury, Massachusetts. It was built in 1834 by, as legend has it, workers who were offered a barrel of rum as payment. I guess rum was good to barter with in those days.

The unique feature is the clock. It is actually owned by the town and funds are still appropriated for it's maintainence. This is one last vestage of when parishes were set up in Massachusetts Bay Colony and became an official state church.

The clock face is not made up up numbers, either Arabic or roman, but made up of letters. They spell out "MEMORIALGIFT." I've seen this on a few other public clocks as well. The church owned bell above is connected to the timing mechanism and strikes out the hour and half hour.

Some time in the 1960's someone got the bri…