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Old Newburyport Jail Postcard front
Postcard: CrazyasaCoolFox
This week's Sepia Saturday prompt has two posters about convicts. Well this is my take on that. I have in my collection the old jail in Newburyport, Massachusetts. It's still standing and still has the sharp barbed spikes on the granite walls.

Built in 1823, the old place was discontinued as a jail sometime in the mid 20th century. An infamous local mayor even spent time there running the city from his cell. I can't imagine a more miserable place to be incarcerated as the walls are solid granite blocks with bars in open windows.

Supposedly the oldest known photograph, taken in 1839, two months after the daguerreotype was introduced to the world, is of this jail

The place is now in the hands of a condominium association that converted the property into separate units.
Old Newburyport Jail postcard rear
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I usually transpose the message here so it's a bit more readable for you all. This is difficult for even me to decipher. The author even admits their penmanship isn't very good. They state at the top, "hope you can read this." Good luck! 
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