Nothing Could Be Finer

How delightful it must have been to stroll the promanade in front of the massive Cushing House Hotel on Salisbury Beach showing off your latest fine summer hat.

salisbury beach center
(click to magnify)
The Cushing House is gone now, burned to the ground even before this author's birth. I never saw it and I'm ancient!. It was replaced by a roller coaster and Dodgem cars. Even those are gone now, replaced by condos.

There is now a replica of the old bandstand on the center promanade.

I found it interesting that the flags had to be painted in as the camara's shutter speed must have been to slow for the photo.

Salisbury Beach has always been a destination resort respite for the mill towns upstream on the Merrimack River. This card was sent up river to Methuen which is about 20 miles from this location.

salisbury beach postcard back
Postcard: CrazyasaCoolFox
Why was the penny stamp licked and placed on the card's front side? That mystery might go unsolved, but the card did make it to it's destination's post office of Lawrence just next to Methuen.

The author speaks of "doing her best" for the recipient, at her "new work."

Put on your thinking caps for a final mystery. Why  is the message scrawled on the front "come back soon," and dated December 5, 1906?
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Wendy said…
I've always thought postcards are what you send to friends back home when you're on vacation. But postcard collectors surprise me all the time with evidence that people sent cards on any occasion for any reason and subject matter could be significant or not. So I give up. I do like the scenes of resort life in your card.
Of course, I don't know, but it makes a great story prompt. Perhaps a relative got the person a job at the resort and then came to visit it themselves?

A very enjoyable post! I wouldn't have noticed the part of the flags being painted on if you hadn't pointed that out to us.

Kathy M.
I love the people just sort of stuck on in various places. It's so much fun to see these cutout people on old cards. And the little girl with the shovel could just as easily be using one of those metal detectors.
Bob Scotney said…
A delightful postcard; it's one where the more you look at it the more you see. And then there are mysteries attached to it in the form of the stamp and messages.

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