Shoes and Skates

Boys with shoes seems to be a prompt this week at Sepia Saturday. Here's a photo from my family photo collection of my dad with his best friend during high school exchanging their shoes for hockey skates. As there were few rinks during the depression they are at a local pond probably with number of their other friends ready to slap the puck around.

They don't seem to be to heavily dressed for cold weather. Perhaps this was an early spring day when they ice was still strong with a warm breeze.

My dad gave me hockey equipment when I was little. We didn't have organized teams in the 60's as they do now. Heck we didn't even have indoor rinks. Even our high schools played at outdoor rinks.

I do remember playing pond hockey without being bundled up in winter clothing, on a warm early spring day.

hockey boys at pond

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Peter said…
Those were the days of hockey without protective clothing. Or am I wrong here? It also strikes me that the photographer must have been lying flat on the ice.
21 Wits said…
They sure look to be enjoying what a great day for outdoor hockey!
Wendy said…
I've never lived anywhere cold enough for a pond to freeze sufficiently to walk on it safely. Great photo and memories.
Bob Scotney said…
I only remember one lake frozen enough to hold our weight so skating of any sort was very limited. There were no such things as ice rinks either. Field hockey on frozen grounds tended to be too dangerous.
What a neat picture! They look happy and though the trees don't have leaves, the guys seem warm enough.

Kathy M.
Kathy said…
That's a great picture! They don't seem to be bundled up much for the cold. Maybe because they work up a sweat with their skating.
Anonymous said…
I expect they warmed up quickly once they got going! Jo
Great photo of your dad and his friend! Isn't if wonderful that someone thought to stop and take this photo? Like Wendy, I don't live where pond freeze over. It would seem kind of scary to trust that the ice would be strong enough for pond hockey. But I suppose those who live in those climates know what's safe and what isn't. :)
Postcardy said…
I remember getting very warm just from a little clumsy skating, so I guess they are trying to cool off afterwards.
My mother always told me stories about skating on a pond when she was growing up. It always sounded so wonderful, especially to a Californian who couldn't imagine a pond freezing.

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