Stacked Storehouse

The only post card in my collection that looks like this week's Sepia Saturday prompt is this one. The building is rather tall and I can image there would have been rooms in this building were one would find items stacked high to the ceiling, just like the prompt.

This is the former Dodge Bros. Shoe Company that sat on Merrimac and Summer Streets in Newburyport, Massachusetts. They specialized in fine womens shoes here. It burned to the ground to be replaced by a now defunct gas station as seen in Google Street View below.

In the message below, "Maude" speaks of attending lawn parties. Perhaps she wore her finest Dodge Bros. shoes there?

Postmark: Providence (RI) June 14, 1912 11:30 AM, Edgewood Station

Dear Jeanette,
Glad you let me know about the lawn party. Will be out if it don't rain, will see you there. I cannot get out very early. I had a great thing happen to me to-night. Will tell you all about it when I see you. Tell Elizabeth that Nora Gilligan has been very sick with rheumatism for two weeks but is better now. Hope Sat. will be a good day. I went to a lawn party last week, a classy one, down to Austin's.

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21 Wits said…
Great photos! They stacked up to real great post!
Peter said…
It is a pity that such a classical building is no longer there. To my surprise I also see a tram there. I thought SFO was the only city in the States with these vehicles.
In any case I feel this is a beautiful card!
Bob Scotney said…
If you enlare the photo of the building, the house next door appears o have an inverted horseshoe over one window. Perhaps that is why the building's luck ran out and it was burne down>
Wendy said…
That message on the post card is full of mystery - inquiring minds want to know what that great thing was that happened that night. And just what made the other lawn party so classy?
Kathy said…
Nice postcard. That old building is certainly more attractive than what you find at the location now.
Tall ceilings is a great take on the prompt. I enjoyed the picture, and the message on the postcard.

Kathy M.
Unknown said…
Well now we are all in suspense about the marvelous event spoken of on the postcard. So many great old buildings gone from the scenes around the country.
Alan Burnett said…
A fine old postcard and so typical of the few American cards I have in my collection with its well defined, almost architectural, photograph of the building.
Croquet is what I always imagine at lawn parties. And big floppy hats. And tiny sandwiches with the crust cut off. And no boisterous behavior. I'd be so out of place.
Queen Bee said…
Maude certainly left us in suspense with her message. Wonder if it rained or she made it to the lawn party. Such a shame about the old building burning and not being replaced. Striking contrast between the classic old style building and what's there today.
Very pretty postcard! It's too bad that building burned to the ground. Historical buildings are so interesting. And I love the street car too.

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