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The Sepia Saturday prompt this week shows some men in uniform involved in public safety. One of the many now defunct public safety jobs was at one time the United States Life Saving Service. There were many of these stations every few miles up and down the coast. Relics of these posts are still in use today perhaps as a private residence or as a part of an active Coast Guard station. Today's active Coast Guard is what has evolved from the U. S. Life Saving Service, U. S. Lighthouse Service and the U. S. Revenue Service.
Salisbury beach postcard
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Imagine these men manning their stations in the dead of winter when the  post lookout sentry sites a vessel floundering at sea. He sounds the alarm. They had to run these dories down the beach, board them, and row into what was often the face of a terrifying storm. They put their own lives at peril to save sailors.

men at the life saving station

The old Salisbury Beach post is no longer there but there is an old post being used as a private residence just a few miles south on Plum Island. There is still an active Coast Guard station in the area that is called on for rescue whenever vessels founder.
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Postcard on this card is "Cushing, Mass" which was another name for Salisbury Beach.

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