The Salmon Run

This week's Sepia Saturday prompt has a bunch of mean looking people looking at a little old woman who seems to be living in a little shack at the side of a river. Perhaps they are not to thrilled that she chose to put her little shack right at their precious fishing hole? Who knows?

From my collection of postcards I found this as a close match:
Postcard: CrazyasaCoolFox
This postcard was in a box of things I inherited from my grandmother. She and my grandfather had living in  New Brunswick and Maine in the early 1900's. She must have purchased a number of postcards from the region and never mailed them. As I recall, my grandfather enjoyed fishing earlier in his life. He once told me that when the salmon ran upriver in New Brunswick you could reach down and scoop them up with your hands.

Southwest Miramichi at Rocky Brook
Photo: Panaramio
I have to hand it to the people of New Brunswick for keeping their rivers wild and free. The Miramichi seems to be dam free from source to sea. To the north the Restigouche river has kept its same wilderness characteristics.

In major contrast, the State of Maine, just to the south, allowed paper mills to dam their major rivers for power. The rivers Saco, Kennebec and Penobscot were damed at several points. Fortunately as the life of these dams approach their usefulness they are being decommissioned and breached. The salmon fishery is slowly making is way back up river.
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Unknown said…
Fabulous then and now take on the theme. Beautiful!
Wendy said…
Such an interesting contrast and commentary on the attitudes about rivers, fishing, commerce, recreation. I like how similar the postcard and photo are.
Bob Scotney said…
Two beautiful pictures and a contrast between the times. I wondered whether the first man is a 'toff' and the second a working man.
Kristin said…
I noticed the similarity between the postcard and the photo too. Wonderful wild looking river.
I hope that lady in the prompt was not living in that wet hole. I thought it was the source of the water the people were drinking.
Peter said…
Beautiful country and good to hear the salmon is coming back.
Kathy said…
I enjoyed the similarity between the postcard and photo.
I'm also happy that the salmon are returning. That's such a beautiful, unspooled river. I can imagine they're really happy there. And the fishermen must be happy too.
Kat Mortensen said…
It's interesting that the top image doesn't look that old because the fishing gear is so simple and even today, you might find someone wearing that outfit. Also, with the wilderness being so well preserved, not much has changed at all. Oh, Canada! Terre de nos aïeux! Eh?

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