Tiny Tug

In my postcard collection I actually have a card with a tug boat pulling an old fishing schooner. It's not as big as the one in the Sepia Saturday prompt nor is the ship that is being pulled. But it is a great match.

The card shows the two vessels entering the mouth of the Merrimack River in Massachusetts. Although it looks placid here the mouth is infamous for dangerous currents and sandbars. It's difficult enough to navigate in a powered vessel let alone a sailing vessel.

Old post card

Each boating season the Coast Guard is at the ready to assist boaters having trouble navigating this treacherous channel

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21 Wits said…
I have always liked tugboats! Some of them are quite interesting too, and for the most part they lead and accomplish quite a bit for so many big ships and boats! Nice postcard!
Wendy said…
The jetty and camera angle create the illusion that the boats are sailing off the edge of the world.
The water on the left side of the jetty does look less calm than on the right. And I didn't notice the people on the jetty until I enlarged the photo. Interesting!
Bob Scotney said…
An ideal picture for the theme. The jetty draws your attention to the centre of the picture. It looks hazardous to clamber on the jetty.
Peter said…
Indeed the picture looks nice and placid but I believe that a strong tide and large tidal differences in combination with the jetty could cause dangerous currents.
Postcardy said…
With the sharp rocks and cold color, I think the scene does have a cold and treacherous feeling.

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