A Boat and a Bridge

What a perfect match. I have a postcard that has a boat (a paddle steamer) and a bridge suspended with chains. This was an easy one. Yes you old timers might recognize this card as I have blogged here about it in the past. You know my fascination with bridges pervades the bloggersphere.

chain bridge postcard
Postcard: CrazyasaCoolFox
So I won't expound upon the details of this unique bridge which still stands. I'll just leave the link here if you are interested.

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Wendy said…
Very interesting history of the Chain Bridge. Mother Nature can be very frightening with her power.
Peter said…
This is not a bridge, it is a monument! It almost looks like medieval city walls. And the postcard is a treasure!
Anonymous said…
A perfect match for this week's theme - and another great feat of engineering! Jo
Kristin said…
Much more medieval looking in it's past guise.
I hate proving I'm not a robot. If I have to do it more than once, I usually don't post. Many don't comment when you have to.
Wow! I'd never heard of a bridge constructed using chains before. Glad it was renovated with cables later on.

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