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Old Newburyport High School postcard
Postcards: CrazyasaCoolFox
The theme this week shows students with books. Where's the best place to find that but at school? In my collection I find this postcard. This is the old Newburyport High School that sat at the corner of High and Green Streets. The church behind the school is Immaculate Conception and is still there. NHS moved up High Street to the new address in 1938 the old school was razed and replaced with a convent for the IC church. 

The card was posted October 30, 1915 at 10:00 PM. Can you imagine postal workers working that late in a small city like Newburyport? 

postcard rearIn the message area the sender is thanking the recipient for a previous card and asking what news he desries.

The new NHS shown below was built in 1938 and refurbished in 2002.
Newburyport High School
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Kristin said…
The old postcards of old schools like so similar even while looking different.
Kathy said…
The newer school looks like it could be a state house. Beautiful buildings.
Wendy said…
Kathy beat me. The newer school is indeed a grand building.
Bob Scotney said…
An impressive new school, but I liked the old one as well.
Postcardy said…
The "new" school looks very classic, more like a government center than a school.
Unknown said…
I agree a very impressive building. We have a brand new High School just up the road from us and it is so very modern looking. Of course many years from now it will look passe.
What a lovely school building, both the old and new one.
Peter said…
I made the same remark on somebody else's blog: what a pity these old stately buildings are disappearing one by one. And the reason to raze them is usually money. What a sad reason to destroy history.
Alan Burnett said…
The school looks as though it was full of books. These days they will have computer rooms and wifi, I suppose.
Unknown said…
For me it is definitely the old school that takes the day!

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