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surf boat launch on plum island
Postcard: CrazyasaCoolFox (click to magnify)
A few weeks ago I posted about  the Salisbury Beach U.S. Lifesaving Station so I thought I would add to that this week. This week's Sepia Saturday prompt has something to do with physical exertion with some men who were playing a game called hurling. So I'll match that with the physical exertion seen here in launching a life boat in the surf.

This lifeboat would have been from the life saving station just across the Merrimack River mouth from the Salisbury Beach Lifesaving Station. Their boats would have been the same as you see here all up and down the coast, and launched the same way; by wheeling it down to the surf and pushing it past the breakers.

rear of surf boat launch postcardSome folks commented on the photo in the Salisbury Beach post showing the carts used to launch the boats looked like it didn't have a rear set of wheels. Perhaps the photographer just airbrushed them out because they didn't get a good photographic exposure. I'm not sure, but all the surf boat sets I have seen have had a forward and rear set of wheels.

This card is posted to a Master Edw. Scrivens of Woburn Mass. The writer asks him if he would like to push this surf boat out. He then goes on to tell the boy that he has only two more days here to play in his own boat. Looking at the postmark it was sent on the 28th of August of 1923 so summer was coming to a quick ending.

I wonder if the good Master Ed ever got his chance to push a surf boat out or to even enjoy a fishing trip on someone else's boat?
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