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Holiday Lighthouse

Holiday Lighthouse Marblehead Neck Lighthouse Marblehead, Massachusetts

Year's End

Sunset on Danvers River
Beverly, Massachusetts

Lonesome Shadows

Lonesome Shadows Old Burying Point Salem, Massachusetts
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Happy Holidays!


Accidental Light

Accidental Light
Park Street Church Boston, Massachusetts Accidental movement of camera caused this effect. I thought it was a bit artistic.
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It's a Cat Christmas!

Once a year we cats have to tolerate this humiliation just to amuse our owners.

Merry Christmas from Crazy as a Cool Fox!

Shadow Tree Christmas

Shadow Tree Christmas First Universalist Church Salem, Massachusetts Shadow Shot Sunday is a weekly feature here at Crazy as a Cool Fox You can find more fine shadow shots by clicking here.

Department Store Santa

Originally posted December 25, 2010

It seems everywhere we look there is a Santa Claus. Look there he is in a parade! Look there he is riding in on a horse to light the Christmas tree! Look there he is sitting in a mall listening to children's wishes!

Once there was only one Santa Claus that I knew of which was the department store Santa Claus. This Santa Claus was extra special because we would ride the train into the city of Boston. That in itself was a grand occasion for me.

Jordan Marsh Department Store was in the middle of the downtown shopping district. I don't remember how we got there from North Station, perhaps we took a cab. If we took the subway I would have remembered that. Jordan Marsh is now owned by the mega store Macy's and the tradition at the Boston store continues as it does I'm sure at every Macy's around the world.

My mother made her own collage with these photos on red velvet and had surrounded the photos with a gold fabric border. I recently foun…

Last Light

Sunset Over Boston
Swampscott Harbor Swampscott, Massachusetts
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Gangnum Style Christmas Style

If you watch all three of these you have a lot of patience.  The first is the a Christmas light show from a home that features a current pop hit every year.  The second one is a parady of the original video which is the third video and the bottom of this post.  Happy Christmas and Happy watching!

Notice to M.I.T. professors:
Your students seem to have a lot of time on their hands
However a grade for creativity would be in order.

For your reference: the original video

Lighthouse Shadows

Lighthouse Shadows Hospital Point Front Range Light Beverly, Massachusetts Happy Holidays!
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The Kissing Bridge

The bridge you see in this postcard says it's a rustic bridge. It also has another name; that of "kissing bridge." It got it's name in the early 1900's. Local young people on a stroll through the park would pause to give their sweetheart a peck on the cheek or lips if they were daring.
I never kissed a sweetheart there but as a young hoodlum I would ride my bike in the pool on both sides of,  and under the bridge. This ride was done in the winter when the pool was empty or in the summer when the pool was full. It was a great way to cool off!
Atkinson Park is now known as Atkinson Common. The rustic wooden bridge and tower in the background have been replaced with sleek new modern steel, stone, and concrete construction.

The writer is offering a bit of love herself. In her flowing script she informs "Grace" of her arrival at Brown Square Hotel in Newburyport. She most likely arrived by train as the station is just down the street from the hotel. She offe…

Good Pie

Good Pie Pumpkin Pie: It's the best for the holidays
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Cat Politiques

Somehow this makes a lot of sense!

Snow Shadows

Garden of Snow
Lynn Union Hospital - Healing Garden Lynn, Massachusetts
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Guard Dog

The old postcard above shows a lighthouse on a small island off the coast of Lynn, Massachusetts called Egg Rock. If you have ever been there you would agree it is appropriately named as it is only a rock. Today the lighthouse is gone replaced by bouys and other beacons in the area. It is now only a desolate refuge for shore birds.

The first keeper was George B. Taylor of Nahant, who lived at the lighthouse with his wife and five children, along with chickens, goats, a tame crow, and a dog named Milo.

Milo, was a huge Newfoundland-St. Bernard mix. One day, Keeper Taylor was shooting waterfowl on the island, with Milo accompanying him. The keeper shot a duck, which fell to the ocean. The bird was wounded, but not mortally. Milo swam in pursuit, but it took off and flew a short distance. Every time Milo would close in, the bird would take off again.

Taylor watched the chase from shore until Milo and the loon disappeared from sight. Milo wasn't seen again that day. The next day, Mil…

Everyone Has Parking Issues

Everyone Has Parking Issues Essex St. Salem, Massachusetts Thursday Challenge is a weekly thematic collaboration of bloggers. This week's theme is "signs." Follow the signs to Thursday Challenge, by clicking here.

A Trip to the Vet

Don't you just want to make him happy?

Guard Cat

Guard Cat Ever get that feeling that someone is watching you?

Shadow Cat

Shadow Cat Nahant, Massachusetts

This very photogenic cat is a stray living at a highway maintenance facility.
I'm not sure what his name is. He seems to be a staff mascot.
He made a nice shadow in the early morning sun.

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A Boat and a Bridge

What a perfect match. I have a postcard that has a boat (a paddle steamer) and a bridge suspended with chains. This was an easy one. Yes you old timers might recognize this card as I have blogged here about it in the past. You know my fascination with bridges pervades the bloggersphere.

So I won't expound upon the details of this unique bridge which still stands. I'll just leave the link here if you are interested.

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