Department Store Santa

Originally posted December 25, 2010

It seems everywhere we look there is a Santa Claus. Look there he is in a parade! Look there he is riding in on a horse to light the Christmas tree! Look there he is sitting in a mall listening to children's wishes!

Once there was only one Santa Claus that I knew of which was the department store Santa Claus. This Santa Claus was extra special because we would ride the train into the city of Boston. That in itself was a grand occasion for me.

Jordan Marsh Department Store was in the middle of the downtown shopping district. I don't remember how we got there from North Station, perhaps we took a cab. If we took the subway I would have remembered that. Jordan Marsh is now owned by the mega store Macy's and the tradition at the Boston store continues as it does I'm sure at every Macy's around the world.

My mother made her own collage with these photos on red velvet and had surrounded the photos with a gold fabric border. I recently found them cut from the collage and placed in a family album. Through the magic of photo editing I have put them back into a collage where they once were.

department store santas
Photos: CrazyasaCoolFox
At top from left to right. My sister Carol; the author; me with my sister Laurie. At bottom, Laurie; my neices Kathy, Kim; my neice Kelly.

To find many more department store Santas, take your reindeer and sleigh over to Sepia Saturday by clicking here.


Postcardy said…
Fun photos! I especially like the first one.
Unknown said…
Your top middle photo: you look pretty uncertain about this Dude...but then, a healthy dose of skepticism is a good thing!
Wendy said…
Carol with ear muffs -- now that's great! Actually, making a collage of all the Santa photos is a terrific idea. It's fun to see the change in expressions, clothes, even Santa himself.
Peter said…
Our Queen comes from the House of Orange. So I am sure the Santa in the bottom right hand corner must be a relative of her.
Nice collage!
What a great collage idea! This would be such a good idea to do for every year except that I don't think I took my kids to see Santa every year. Oh, well,,,,Happy Holidays!
Unknown said…
What a joy these photos are. Innocent times for kiddos. I bet your mom's collage was beautiful and such a treasure to her. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.
Mike Brubaker said…
A wonderful way to use the computer and reassemble a holiday timeline. Merry Christmas!

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