The Kissing Bridge

Postcard: CrazyasaCoolFox
The bridge you see in this postcard says it's a rustic bridge. It also has another name; that of "kissing bridge." It got it's name in the early 1900's. Local young people on a stroll through the park would pause to give their sweetheart a peck on the cheek or lips if they were daring.

I never kissed a sweetheart there but as a young hoodlum I would ride my bike in the pool on both sides of,  and under the bridge. This ride was done in the winter when the pool was empty or in the summer when the pool was full. It was a great way to cool off!

Atkinson Park is now known as Atkinson Common. The rustic wooden bridge and tower in the background have been replaced with sleek new modern steel, stone, and concrete construction.

The writer is offering a bit of love herself. In her flowing script she informs "Grace" of her arrival at Brown Square Hotel in Newburyport. She most likely arrived by train as the station is just down the street from the hotel. She offers her love as "Momma."

Space on a postcard is at a premium even if it cost a penny for the stamp. Momma continues on the side of the card to offer more love. She says she will write more soon and asks to hear from Grace soon. She then goes on the say that this is her last postal and Fredericks also. It sounds confusing!

Perhaps some of you have a better interpretation of this perplexing message.

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Wendy said…
Ahh - Kissing Bridge. That reminds me of Kissing Rock, a popular meeting (and kissing) spot on my college campus.
Peter said…
Unfortunately I have no interpretation on the text but the way people were addressing their mail in those days is super. You wrote the name of the addressee and the name of the village/city and that was it! No street-name, no nothing. The postman knew everybody.
No Kissing Bridge here but I do remember the Tickle Grove. Don't ask me how it got its name :)
Bob Scotney said…
I am familiar with kissing gates but not a kissing bridge, but who needed and excuse like that.
Kristin said…
I cannot read the side-ways message but maybe I will pull it off and try later. I'm finding it very hard to comment on your blog. too many tabs popping in and it's hard for me to scroll down and the capchas.
DougVernX said…
Sorry for the trouble you are having with my blog. I'll try to remove some tabs that aren't needed. I just removed the capcha option which really wasn't needed. I hope that helps.
Alan Burnett said…
That is a fabulous card and yet another example of how fascinating things can be discovered on both sides of old postcards.
Mike Brubaker said…
A neat card and a great example of ornate cursive used for inane simple messages.
I'm so jealous of the penmanship. Stunning!

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