From Beach to City

The photo prompt this week shows a woman enjoying herself at the beach. Among my post cards was this. 
Salisbury Beach Postcard
Postcard: CrazyasaCoolFox

It shows many people in full dress at the beach. Can you imagine being those women to the right in a full skirt getting wet in the waves? This card was around in 1912 a Victorian age for sure. Women were not supposed to show there legs or much of any other skin as well.

Usually I would find this place and shot an updated photo but not much has changed here at Salisbury Beach other than the types of  "swimming garments" used nowadays.

Google earth street view
Google Earth Street View

Instead I found on Google Street View the exact spot where this card was addressed. 701 7th Street, South Boston, Massachusetts. If you're unfamiliar with Boston, this is the section where the main character from the film "Good Will Hunting" was from. It was then and still is prominently made up of Boston Irish.

It's odd how the writer turned the card 180° to compose the message. I'll save you all craning your necks to read it and transpose it here:
Salisbury Beach Postcard back
Click any pic to magnify, it's worth it!
June 29/12
Dear Beatrice,
We are stopping at Salisbury Beach over Sunday it is lovely down here. 
We returned from Me. (Maine) Thurs. were down there almost two weeks. Fannie graduated from the academy, the excercises were pretty.
Hopefully this will find you well. G.C.T.

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Wendy said…
I think it's fantastic that you found the house where the post card was delivered.
Bob Scotney said…
Fully clothed and using umbrellas. All this scene lacked was bathing huts.
Alan Burnett said…
Great card. there really is a universal love of picture postcards of the beach isn't there?
Way cool! Loved the postcards and the message. I liked the part that the graduation exercises were pretty, lol.


Kathy M.
Kathy said…
Glad you went looking for the address on the postcard. That street does indeed look like the neighborhood in Good Will Hunting.
Brett Payne said…
Fully dressed and none too keen on entering the water beyond calf level, it appears. A great card.
Peter said…
What a super postcard! History in color on a few square inches of paper.
Postcardy said…
I does look like most of the women in the water have bathing costumes.

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